Codi’s product is a nutritious series which incorporated supreme patented Cordyceps, a precious mushroom from China discovered since 1500 years ago. Developed with the philosophy of combine the knowledge of legendary with today biotechnology, Codi has created products that offer us simply the best for good health.




“A Believe to a Beautiful, Brighten and Youthful Skin!”


By integrating natural botanical ingredients and cordyceps with cutting-edge cosmeceutical technologies, BIOCEPS skin care products designed to help keep your skin feeling and looking young, healthy and radiant.

Just complete the simple 3 steps with 1. Codi Bioceps Multi Bio Cleanser, 2. Codi Bioceps Live Up V-Essence and 3. Codi Bioceps Ultra Brightening Serum, you can regain your healthy skin.


1. Why do we need to use skin care product?

Skin is the largest organ of the body and it serves as first barrier to protect us from any external threats. Actually the beauty of the skin was derived from balance diet and healthy lifestyle, but due to the external causes which are beyond our control such as environmental pollution, make up product with high chemical content, stress and UV sunlight, it did destroyed our skin cells structure and causing sensitivity. That’s why we need to choose the appropriate skin care products to maintain our healthy and beauty of our face skin. Codi Bioceps set of skin cares can fulfil your needs and provide you a fresh, radiant and healthy skin.

2. Do Codi Bioceps skin care products safe to use?

Yes, Codi Bioceps skin care products specially formulated with botanical ingredients and cordyceps, guaranteed safe to use. In addition, analysis has been carried out throughout the manufacturing process to ensure product safety.

3. Do Codi Bioceps skin care products suitable for all skin types?

Yes, it is suitable for all skin types. (Discontinue use if there is a persistent inflammation.)

4. How do I obtain the optimum result by using Codi Bioceps skin care products?

You can obtain a clean and radiant skin by complete the 3 simple steps every morning and night.

1st step: Codi Bioceps Multi Bio Cleanser
Squeeze cleanser onto your palm, add water to make foam. Cleanse your face and body and leave it for few minutes. Then rinse with water. Twice a day and use with Live up V-Essence for optimum results.
2nd step: Codi Bioceps Live Up V-Essence
After cleanse your face, close your eyes and spray Live Up V-Essence onto your face and neck from a 20cm distance. Leave it on your face till it fully absorb and feel the lifting or firming effect.
3rd step: Codi Bioceps Ultra Brightening Serum
Pump the dropper onto your palm and apply on face and neck evenly after V-Essence. For optimal results, apply twice daily and follow by your sunscreen in the morning. Shake well before use.