Codi’s product is a nutritious series which incorporated supreme patented Cordyceps, a precious mushroom from China discovered since 1500 years ago. Developed with the philosophy of combine the knowledge of legendary with today biotechnology, Codi has created products that offer us simply the best for good health.




"Your Choice of Daily Fitness!"

CODI VITAL PLUS is a unique herbal combination of Cordyceps and Cistanche diserticola. It is formulated to enhance memory, mental and stamina. Our Cordyceps is patented (SIPO: ZL 02 1 33562.1) which contains active ingredients such as cordycepin, cordycepic acid, glutamic acid, polysaccharides, amino acids and vitamin B12.

Cistanche deserticola is named as "Rou Congrong" in China, is a natural vital boaster.


1. Why Codi Vital Plus?

Traditionally or modern research showed that Cordyceps and Cistanche are both herbs poses as proactive agent for stamina, brain cell, sexual and vitality as well.

2. Who is suitable for Codi Vital Plus?

Codi Vital Plus may be used by persons with busy and hectic lifestyles and those who encounter with hormone imbalance problem. Children below 18 years old are not suggest to take, due to they are still in the process of rapid hormonal growth.

3. Direction of use.

Take 1 capsule once or twice a day.